Entry: The Things On My Mind - Crowding My Headspace Saturday, November 15, 2014

- No one's brushed my hair in months.

- Chores are overwhelming me.

- Helping a friend turned into yet another heartache and more tears.

- I just want to lay in bed a while.

- My son is beautiful and smart, but he's tap dancing on my last nerve.

- Where the heck is my so-called bestie?

- I wanted signing to be fun, and it ended up being additional stress.

- Even loud music isn't getting me out of my own head.

- I wish I had a good singing voice. I feel sorry for my neighbors.

- I had things on my mind to write but lost them because there are so many things flooding my thoughts that now I'm stuck on the things I've already listed but in greater detail.  Basically lists for my lists!



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