Entry: Progress - Handing the Frustrations Tuesday, May 27, 2014

There are a lot of things that get on my nerves as we've assessed thus far. Over the last week some of the things that fuel my fire have been reduced a bit. I've been able to break away from kiddo, get things done around the house, knock things off my to-do list, and get a little rest as needed. Of course it's also easier and less stressful because I'm not doing much for work these days either, but hey, I'll claim even the small victories for now.

I think I've been dealing with some things better than I used to. I've been attempting to be more responsive even though I'm still annoyed. I've gotten through some situation without completely spazzing out, crying, or falling into a mini depression. I even approached someone about a lie that was told. I think most people know that if I'm going to call anyone a bitch I'll do it within ear shot! I let them know that I didn't call them a bitch but I DID say they were a pain in the ass :) Not sure why that's any better, but it brought peace and comfort. LOL!

I'm back to sleeping better too.

It would be nice if mini me would get on board with the stress free movement, but instead he's decided to be the opposition! All day every day defiance. Psychological warfare. Poor guy .... he doesn't know who he's dealing with.

<22 days til summer vacation>


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