Entry: Racoon Eyes Friday, May 09, 2014

I was watching a lady reach for her huge sunglasses yesterday while she made the comment, "I'd better wear my sunglasses, I know the sun is beaming out there." 

My first thought was; wouldn't wearing huge sunglasses give you raccoon eyes? I'd imagine that if the sun is beaming on your face that much, and you've covered everything but your forehead and mouth, that you'd end up with a raccoon eye tan. 

My second thought was; is it wrong that I found the "coon" reference funny while watching that brown skin person?  Yes yes I know it's a horrible reference, but that's still what I was thinking!  A coon looking coon!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

I don't know honestly because I don't wear sunglasses.  I've tried it.  But I end up leaving them one place or another and just like a purse I grow tired of keeping up with them. 


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