Entry: With or Without Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Some people are unbelievable!!!! *steam shoots from ears*

I don't even know why I bother asking my dad for help with anything. And my mother .... man she can be a serious thorn in my side too! When I FINALLY need help with something they conveniently forget everything. When I say I would like to do something or go somewhere, they tell me I shouldn't and then try to make it fit into their own timeline. WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT THE FUCK!!

So I'm finally making another change to the house that I've been waiting to make for quite some time. Dad's answer to everything = "do I have to do it right now?" Fool, what do you mean?! You're not doing anything, you won't come help when I ask. You won't come help on your own. You only half ass when you visit because you stall til there's no time left and then half ass apologize with some justification about how you at least did one thing. How long does it take to fix a curtain rod? All I asked was that he fix it for me because where it is placed I don't have the strength to get the screw all the way in. Therefore all you're doing is pushing a screw further in! Oh but here it is 6 months later still not done. This time I want/need a little more. I asked for help with my bathroom. I said just take the stuff out ..... I'll do the work on the walls ..... then put the new items in. Your idea is to come up for one day, the night before a long day of activities, and then go home like you'll finish beforehand. I'm not Bob Vila you asswipe! So now what am I doing???? I've started working bit by bit trying to paint so that if/when he does move the things I'll only have a small part left to deal with.

Then there's mom. I'm not even going to get into how many times I've mentioned going to NY and seeing family. I have things to do and a early event with my son and your idea is that we will immediately hop on the road for an overnight after I've been overworked all day?!?!?!?! The fuck outta here!!! #pass!

I WILL get things done with or without folks like this. The folks that claim to be there and act like they want to help you. The folks that say I don't need to call someone else because they can do what I need. AND THEN, WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?!?!

Time for work ..... Glad that's off my chest though. TTFN


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