Entry: Questioning Monday, April 21, 2014

I attempted to explain my reasoning behind something today by incorporating my feelings.  Which is not something I do often and not something I do well (as stated over the previous few days).  Instead of being heard and understood, I got in return more reasons and statements about what I shared.  Why things happened and what things could have been.  Well that's neither here nor there at this point, and I'm trying not to be more annoyed by the response acknowledged NOTHING about what I managed to share.  But I'll get over it.  Eventually.

Which brings me to my thoughts of the day ..........

If you don't ask questions how will you EVER get answers?  If you don't discuss things and plan how will anything ever happen?  You can think, or "have no intention of working" but if you don't say so then how would anyone know?  There was a talk about what was gonna happen in a certain number of days, but at no point were there questions about what I'd like to do.  I heard 30 days, but with it being the break I figured that meant rush through the week and then hopefully between jobs everything else will get done on time.  Just like I knew I had the week so I flat out said I want to get my sons room finished the first day or two so I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore.  Why spend an entire week on something that could be done in two days (with the help of some advil)? 

When I have plans I put them on my calendar.  When I don't have plans there's nothing on the calendar.  I don't have last minute "OH I HAVE TO DO THIS" stuff pop up more than once a month and the pop up item is usually some child's hair which I can say no to easily.  I don't usually say no because there's no other plans, nothings been discussed, other things pop up in every one else's scheduled so I figure it's better to get the money than blow the entire evening wondering if I'll be sleeping alone or not.  Conversely, when time is left open on other calendars who knows what that means!  Is that free time? Is that time for chores or working from home because there's no actual client? Is that a day of phone calls, or just open time in case something pops up?  Without talking about it or being asked to do something I have no way of knowing what someone "had the intention of" or not!  I'm boring.  I'm basic. There's less of a need to check with me about my plans because my schedules are set in stone. Yea I work on work related things all the time but if asked to do something else I could adjust/adapt my time.  It's not like I'm skipping work, losing money, or having to make time up for it. 

Questions ... we've got to work on questions.  I keep hearing the line "well nothing was discussed so _____ " (fill in the blank)  If there's no questions, there's nothing to discuss.  Period.


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