Entry: Editing Monday, April 21, 2014

This site used to be more fun to be because I could edit things much easier than other blog sites.  Now they're all sort of the same, so this one doesn't work very well anymore.  I suppose most people have switched to blogger, or created sites with their own domain name.  I do have other sites but this one has YEARS of my thoughts, predating the existence of the other blog sites. 

I miss being able to edit with the click of a button. Now if I want to change font sizes and colors I have to dig deep into my memory banks for html codes.  I used to have my favorite text color codes memorized but that was back during my BlackPlanet.com days!  Man back then I could add in images, music, videos and resize them. 

I DONT WANT A NEW BLOG!!!!  But I don't want to get bored with this one. Tough choices.

Oh and writing on the Mac. You can forget changing ANYTHING using the Mac.  It doesn't even want to let you add line breaks without adding the code.  The is my first time using the PC since I've been back and it's refreshing not having to make a bunch of < br > tags between paragraphs.

10 more episodes of Scandal to watch til I'm all finished.  I don't know that I would have been as excited watching it week by week like everyone else on facebook.  It's "ok."  There have been a few things that made my jaw dropped and/or laugh out loud. I would like it more if the Olivia and the President got their lives right and stop all this bs playing around.  And I CANT STAND watching Olivia's mouth.  The way she moves her mouth when she talks ... it's like she is always smelling something that stinks! Especially with all the crying she's been doing. OMG.


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